Dead Heart

by Forgotten Cairns

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When I was a kid, songs about things that really mattered filled the charts: local bands like Midnight Oil, Redgum, even John Farnham's "Age of Reason" and "You're the Voice" were anti-apathetic. Empowerment and analysis. It feels like these things are missing in 2016. Who's the Voice now? We grew up on artists helping create a public dialogue about Aboriginal land rights, about the horrors of war, about the greed of corporations, about the marginalisation of minorities, about taking a stand and trying to make the world a better place, for everyone. Somehow, fighting for social justice became a bad thing, an uncool thing, an insult. Fuck that. Social justice is the only way to survive the coming Dark Ages. Forgotten Cairns is a social justice warrior, and fucking proud of it.

Forgotten Cairns supports a return to politically-inspired music. Let's reclaim Australia from the bigots and the racists and the corporations. Let's wipe out the White Plague. Cut out the cancer from this dying heart.

"The Dead Heart" originally by Midnight Oil, circa 1986. I was in my last year of primary school.

"White Plague" and the drowning noise black hole "The Cancer of the Land" are original compositions.


released July 22, 2016




Forgotten Cairns Australia

No cliches.
No trends.
No wolves.
No snow.
Just Pure Antipodean Black Metal.

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